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BOHO DECOR IDEAS, Modern and Vintage

modern boho glam decorEvery once and awhile I like to post about Boho Decor and style, usually when I’m doing some redecorating myself. 🙂

I’ve been finding inspiration from both modern boho and vintage bohemian interior, and trying to kind of mix the two for an eclectic look. Now if only I could hire David Bromstad I’d be all set!

Here are a few of my inspiration pics. Most have a romantic and tranquil vibe about them but I like the brighter, fun side as well.

Enjoy the pics. Hope you guys have a great weekend! More fun posts to come.

Love All Around,
Cara Mia ♥

modern bohemian decor
a frame house with plants
chic bohemian styled room
1970's decor
elegant rock n roll decor
rock n roll chic decor
boho couch with velvet pillows
romantic boho interior
vintage boho decor

Hot Boho Pics to Warm Your Chilly Winter!

model natalie hockeyIf you’re in the US or Canada you’re probably wearing like 9 layers of clothes to stay warm and scraping icicles off your pets ….unless your in sunny Florida!

Here are a few fabulous boho fashion pics for your inspiration folders. I’m loving big rock n roll hair, chunky rings, and basically anything that just says “I’m a rockstar but I’m not trying too hard.” What are your favorite looks right now?

model du juan numero magazine
chunky boho rings
sexy boho girl
bohemian fringe dress
boho rock n roll model
hippie look from marie claire magazine
model italian glamor magazine october 2010
boho turban lookHope everyone had a fabulous holiday and your New Year is off to a great start! More fierce posts and golden boho nuggets on the way!


cold doggie
Love All Around,
Cara Mia ♥

Drifting on a Dream

60's girl in gladiator sandalsIt’s that time! The holiday’s are upon us…..traveling to meet family….racing to get gifts. In the midst of all the chaos don’t forget to take time to relax. Listen to your favorite music……walk through a garden…..spend Sunday on the couch reading a book. Let your gypsy soul be free! Remember, you have to take care of yourself before you can properly take care of others.

gypsy woman
girl with animal
stevie nicks gold dust woman
model veruschka in gypsy clothes
iris strubegger in vogue italy
lakme india fashion week model
valentina zelyaevaSending (((((BIG HUGS))))) out to everyone this Holiday season! 🙂

Love All Around,
Cara Mia


boho fashion 2011O.K., I think I’ve used that word in like the last 2 posts but it just kind of stuck! 🙂
So how is everybody? Need a little inspiration for your week? Here are a few fun pics.

I don’t know about you, but I am SO ready for cooler weather! Can’t wait to break out my faux fur jackets and knee high boots.

More fun posts to come!

Love All Around,
Cara Mia ♥

babmi nothwood blyth in boho photo shoot
cintia dicker in bohemian fashion shoot
model in fur boho jacket
naomi as a hippie
purple fur vest
rock n roll hippie chic

bohemian fashion


verushka in psychedelic maxi dressEveryone should have at least one fabulous maxi dress in their closet! Want to instantly feel elegant? Put on your favorite maxi dress! Need a relaxed hippie vibe? Break out a maxi dress with some fierce chunky jewels! If it’s cold out just throw a faux fur jacket over it and you’re all set! Feeling bloated? Nothing like a long flowing maxi dress for those days where you would rather wear sweats!

Here are a few inspiration pics, vintage and current, to get you feeling boholicious!

Hope everyone has a safe and sexy weekend!

Love All Around,
Cara Mia ♥

maxi dress
stevie nicks in flowing boho dress
natalia vogue spain
roberto cavalli leopard print maxi dress
bohemian glamour dress
vintage hippies in maxi gowns
philosophy resort 2011 dress
emilio pucci resort 2011 maxi dress
vintage maxi dressPS….If you’re in the shopping mood….fabulous vintage maxi dresses are up for sale at Hippie Couture! Mention Boho Glamour before checkout by email by September 30th, 2010 and receive 20% off your entire order!

Vintage 70’s Bohemian Flower Maxi Dress $145

Vintage 70’s Psychedelic Rainbow Blotter Dress $225

Vintage 70’s Rainbow Plaid Pinafore Dress $145

Moroccan Flava

Juliana Imai L'Officiel MoroccoDid I just say flava? I’m in a weird mood! Anyway, here’s a little bohemian inspiration for you Boho divas! This shoot is from L’Officiel Morocco and features model Juliana Imai. I just can’t get enough of the chunky jewelry this season and Julianna pulls it off flawlessly!

Hope everyone is having a sexy week so far. Oh, by the way….have you been to the Underground?

Love All Around,
Cara Mia ♥
bohemian fashion inspirationJuliana Imai moroccan photo shootModel Juliana Imaibohemian glamourmoroccan fashion shootJuliana Imai L'Officiel Morocco 2010ethnic fashion shootboho inspiration in fashion

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MODERN GYPSY: Blogger spotlight AAUUMM

nouveau gypsyThere are many blogs that I enjoy, but one that I continually find inspiration from is AAUUMM!

Aauumm is run by Olga from Odessa, Ukraine, who is 41 and looks better than some 20 year olds! Creativity seems to pour out of her in the form of dancing and art. Her home is beautifully decorated and a true extension of her creative spirit. Every time is visit her blog it’s like a mini vacation!

I have talked to Olga a few times, both of us using a translator which can be difficult, but even through that her warm personality shines through. Below is a look into her modern gypsy life. Here is a link to one of her other blogs as well http://www.aauumm.ru/. If you are looking for craetive inspiration, I highly recommend a visit! Let me know if you guys get a chance to check them out. 🙂

Have a fabulous weekend!

Love All Around,
Cara Mia ♥

modern gypsiesaauummpsychedelic artpsychedelic artisthand made soappsychedelic tablegypsy decorgypsy decoratingbohemian gardenblogger aauummpuppy lovepuppy lovemodern day gypsy
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Bohemian Decor Ideas

modern bohemian decorEvery once and awhile I get the urge to decorate. Even if it’s just small changes like new pillows or painting an accent wall, it makes me feel like I have a whole new place…..at least for awhile!

Lately I’ve been in the decorating mood so I decided to go through my inspiration folder and find some pics that would inspire me. I also read one of my previous posts on gypsy decor and found some good stuff. Funny how you can find ideas right on your own blog! If you are a blogger I’m sure you’ll agree.

Here are the pics I’m feeling right now. They are kind of a mash up of modern bohemian, gypsy decor, and luxury boho. But hey, bohemian style is supposed to be eclectic right? 🙂

Hope everyone has a safe and fabulous holiday weekend! Enjoy the pics. I can hear the right clicking from here! 🙂

Love All Around,
Cara Mia

boho decor stylegypsy bedroomgypsy decorbohemian bedroonluxury bohemianoutdoor bohemian spacepurple boho roomoutdoor bohemian paradiseoutdoor bohemian decor

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bohemian guy and girlI couldn’t leave ya this weekend without a little bohemian inspiration! 🙂 This fierce shoot is from an Italian Glamour magazine. I especially love the picture above with the hippie rocker guy. You just don’t see that look on guys very often unless you live in L.A. or maybe the East Village NYC.

What are you guys doing this weekend….hmmm? Anything exciting? Not sure what I’m going to do yet but I’ll report back if gets crazy! 🙂

Love All Around,
Cara Mia ♥

italian glamour magazineboho photo shootbohemian photo shootboho editorialboho glamouritalian glamour
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