Drifting on a Dream

60's girl in gladiator sandalsIt’s that time! The holiday’s are upon us…..traveling to meet family….racing to get gifts. In the midst of all the chaos don’t forget to take time to relax. Listen to your favorite music……walk through a garden…..spend Sunday on the couch reading a book. Let your gypsy soul be free! Remember, you have to take care of yourself before you can properly take care of others.

gypsy woman
girl with animal
stevie nicks gold dust woman
model veruschka in gypsy clothes
iris strubegger in vogue italy
lakme india fashion week model
valentina zelyaevaSending (((((BIG HUGS))))) out to everyone this Holiday season! 🙂

Love All Around,
Cara Mia

7 thoughts on “Drifting on a Dream”

  1. I love popping in here for my gypsy fix, and these pics are incredible! I love the one of the bellydancer – just gorgeous x

  2. Oh and also….who is the girl in the side pic with the long blond hair that is dancing and throwing her hands up in the air and she has a headband on.

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