GYPSY DECOR: Style Tips and Pics

neon gypsyIf you are looking to capture the gypsy vibe for your home, apartment, dorm room, or even the back of a van or camper, here are a few gypsy decor tips and pics to give you some ideas.

First thing to remember is have fun with color! Try adding a few ethnic printed throw pillows to a solid color sofa to liven it up. Maybe you have an old dresser or end table that you have been thinking about getting rid of, why not throw a bright turquoise or pink coat of paint on it to give it a whole new character?

Another fabulous way to bring a relaxing atmosphere to your space is indoor plants. I’d like to think I have a pretty cool bohemian/hippie vibe to my house, but something has just been missing. My neighbor recently invited me over for cocktails and as soon as I saw her place I knew what the missing element was….plants! She had enough to make it cozy and peaceful without being overwhelming….exactly what I have been looking for. Ironically, a few days later she left a small plant for me on my doorstep….now I just have to keep it alive. 🙂

A great way to bring ambiance to a room is with candles. Every time I go to a thrift store I look for unique candle holders. They are all different shapes and sizes, but they seem to fit together well once the candles are in place. Try covering a low sitting coffee table with a piece of your favorite fabric or a psychedelic tapestry. Then scatter the candles and holders across the table, along with a small plant or stack of books and you’re all set.

If you have any of your own gypsy/bohemian decor ideas, leave a comment and share them with everyone. 🙂

Love All Around,
Cara Mia

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19 thoughts on “GYPSY DECOR: Style Tips and Pics”

  1. oh wow, love the idea of the dressing hanging on the wall and matchind the couch, it’s simply brilliant 🙂

  2. i LOOOVE your blog! im in love with this era too, so reading your posts have been so fun! (: these pictures are great, i want to go decorate my room now!

  3. Love it! This is exactly the kind of vibe I`m going for at my place! Thanks for the inspirational pics. =)

  4. As I just wrote on my Twitter retweet link to your blog … This is quite the lovleliest blog I’ve seen. NOW, I’m focused!!! Please carry on. Hoping the reasons your last post was October are`all good ones! Hope to hear from you soon. K (Shabby Tiger)

  5. I absoulutely love your blog. Just came on it today and its just goregeous! I will be visiting on the regular. C

  6. I love your site… way cool! I am trying to get some ideas for my master bedroom!

  7. The secret to houseplants: don’t overwater! More plants are killed from over than underwatering. Also, try to keep plants that are notorious for living no matter how much abuse they get- hanging plants like hoyas, and golden pothos, floor plants like draceana marginata, peace lily, and snake plant. Christmas cactus does well in hanging or table top pots. Most of these plants can be found at the local Home Depot for less than $10. And most plants like bright light, not too much direct burning sun, just good bright light. I grow alot of hoyas, and if they get enough light they bloom beautiful flowers!! Peach Lilies and snake plants do pretty good in low light. You can take cuttings from golden pothos and grow them in water in pretty vases around the house – they do great that way!

    Do not water on a schedule. What you do until you get the feel for it is check your plants frequently. Stick your fingers into the soil around the roots, if it feels dry a few inches down, then water. And I mean DRY – if you feel any moisture at all, check again the next day. In the beginning before you get the hang of knowing when or when not to water, you may need to check the soil a lot, at least every other day – but there is always a price to pay for the luxury of having real tropical plants around you! You want to wait till the plant dries out before watering again, but at the same time you don’t want the plant to sit there dry for a week – which is why you need to check them frequently….and then if it feels dry, you water lightly. Most plants will enjoy an occasional trip to the shower, and I put alot of mine outdoors in the warmer months, in a shadier place where they might get some morning sun. And remember the tried and true fact::: more plants are killed from overwatering!!

    Good luck, love your site!!

  8. PS golden pothos are the plants in the 3rd picture down that you posted, the one with the tv and the turquoise bookcase. There is a plant next to the chair and one in the window.

  9. wow jennifer, thanks! that’s quite a bit of information! i bet your house is filled with fabulous plants 🙂 i definitely don’t have a “green thumb” but i’m managing to keep a couple small plants happy in my kitchen.

    thanks for taking the time to comment! you are fierce!
    cara mia

  10. I love this, I’ve read it four times in the last two months while I was trying to drop some boho into my space. Great tips, thanks a lot!

  11. Really nice blog!
    You can add some colorfull beaded curtains as well.

    Peace and love 🙂

  12. I got so inspired by that picture of all the glasses and bottles with the flowers and water in them, I did something similar on my balcony, combined with marbles and candles. It looks lovely. Thank you for the inspiration. ^^

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